Any product or service becomes a Brand with a great logo design which tells the brand story. We make sure your Brand resonates with the current trends of Social and Print media and easily translates flawlessly into every medium.  


They are a full service coffee and wine bar serving handcrafted beverages with light and innovative South American dishes. They wanted a simple design which focused on the strong bond between them and their cusomers.  


They are a TV channel dedicated to London events, food, gigs and politics. They wanted a simple, modern and colorful design which could translate easily to many mediums. 


They are a high end restaurant who serve beer and a wide variety of food. They Client is a huge fan of hops and he wanted to see that reflected in the logo while keeping the design simple and agile.


They are proud owners of strong and sturdy outdoor umbrellas that don't have to be lowered against the wind widely loved by Homeowners, Resorts and Restaurants. They wanted a fun logo that showed this unique feature.